How to resolve the 'too many rows in result'

I'm getting the SizeLimitExceededException when I'm calling the UserManager.getUserIds() method as soon as I get over 50 users.

Here's the stack trace:

[org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.usermanager.providers.UsersPageProvider] too many rows in result: 51 too many rows in result: 51


So I was wondering where I can change the config to avoid that exception, because I really need to get the list of all user id in the database.

I'm using prosgresql and Nuxeo 5.4.2



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I found it, it's a config, as I expected.

To change the template of the config file, go to : [your Nuxeo installation folder]\templates\common\config\default-sql-directories-bundle.xml and change the 'querySizeLimit' value for the 'userDirectory' section.

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Note that changing the templates directly is not recommended as they're part of the Nuxeo distribution and may be overwritten on upgrade. You should create custom templates.