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I will upload assets using the REST API. I will upload large videos in the DAM from mobile devices. Thus, I need to be able to do pause/resume uploads as the connectivity may be inconsistent.

I store my assets in AWS S3 and I know S3 supports pause/resume. I wonder if Nuxeo does too? This is critical for me.

Would you have more information about this?

Thank you Nicolas

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I don't believe we have such a feature for uploads at the moment.

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Could I upload my file straight to S3 without going through Nuxeo and then reference the file when I create the document?

Do you think of a possible work around?


You can get close, you could upload to S3, than in Nuxeo using the Java API get the BinaryManagerService, then get a Binary for the MD5 digest of your file (which will unfortunately download it back to Nuxeo, no way around that at the moment), and using that create a StorageBlob and set that in your document.

Doing better (no re-download) would involve bypassing a few things at lower level in Nuxeo Platform, because for instance various listeners expect to be able to get to the asset to convert it to storyboards or lower-resolution images.

But in theory everything is possible.