Obtaining single file from published zipped bundle

From the sections (so, once published), is it possible to download just one document of a published zipped file (which contains seveal separate files)?

In other words: I create a set of files on my pc (in this case *.png) I upload the whole set as a zip folder I publish it I want one of the files to appear within (embeded in) a given web document thanks to its Nuxeo URL

Is this possible?

I know Nuxeo is capable of unzipping mini-sites, so why not just one file (if told which one) This would greatly save on updating time.


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A little summary:

  • You create a nuxeo document and you publish it (so in "sections" part)
  • You attach to it a set of files zipped (so one zip file into this document)
  • You would like automatically get a preview of this zip file with one file access-able

For now when you attach a zip file, you will have only the URL to access to this file (not its content). Not possible to get what you want by default.

Well, You can also attach in a second time the pic that you'd like to show into another document property of the Nuxeo document. (you'll get the zip file + one of its files into the same document)

At last, if you want to get this feature, it's going to be made by code:

  • Introspect the zip file when attaching it to the Nuxeo Document
  • Get the first zipped file within
  • Attach it to the same Nuxeo document (into another document property)