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Hi all

We've recently made some research on UX when navigating on the platform and we noticed that some resources sent on every page are not minified. See tinymce.js, nuxeo-select2.js as an example.

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Is there a way to minify all the resources on the server (a filter, for example) to sent only minified resources (js and css) to the browser?

I've seen some tickets about this but not fixed yet. Any alternative solution in the comunity?

Thanks , Paco

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Hi, Why do you think that this is important given that all these resources are put in the browser cache anyway?

I have also experienced this situation, however, not sure if it is related to Nuxeo. Comparing load time using the web browser, between Alfresco and Nuxeo. I see that Alfresco takes more time to do the response than Nuxeo, however, the total load time for Nuxeo is twice the one in Alfresco because it takes more time to render and load resources such as images, etc. Does Nuxeo needs special cache configuration at server side for static resources?

Hi Florent We want to reduce the traffic between server and client as much as possible, regardless of the browser's cache. Other platforms like Liferay has minifiers to send the css|js minified to the client side, is Nuxeo planning to offer something similar?


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