How did using 4 repositories instead of 1 impact recent scalability testing results?

I noticed that the recent Nuxeo Platform Performance Scalability Testing was done using 4 distinct repositories. I presume this was done to reduce database-related bottlenecks in the testing. However, using 4 distinct repositories does potentially reduce content mgmt functionality such as CMIS join restrictions across document types, relation restrictions across documents, etc. Do you have a rough idea how much impact using 4 repositories instead of 1 made on the testing results?

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Hi, you are right, using distinct repositories enable to use more than one database for the document storage, the gain will vary depending on how your application is database bound, Our benchmark was a good case for this layout the gain is between x3 and x4. Obviously this comes with the limitations you have mentioned if you need to do manual join it is less interesting.

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