Import Nuxeo Document Management from Linux to a Windows Server.

How to import Nuxeo document Management from linux to a windows Server. ?

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Could you be more precise about what you want to achieve?


First of all, apologies for my English. I am a french speaker.

I was contacted by a company that uses Nuxeo Document Management installed on a Linux. Now they have a Windows server and they ask me to move the old Nuxeo DM from Linux to the New windows Server.

I have no experience with Nuxeo.

How can I do that ? Thx and regards.


You must know the Nuxeo version, identify the configuration (nuxeo.conf and, optionally, some custom templates) and locate the Nuxeo data which is generally distributed between the filesystem (the data directory) and a database. Depending on the Nuxeo version, you may be able to use "nuxeoctl showconf" command, or will have to look at the configuration from the Admin Center.

Such a migration is a very easy task if the Nuxeo recommendations have been followed. If no database is used, then it's a very bad practice, not recommended for production. Note we also recommend to use Linux rather than Windows, but I imagine your customer has good reasons for that move…

Look at the Administration documentation for details. What you want to do is like a backup from Linux and restore onto Windows, see the Backup and Restore chapter.

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