How do I migrate my data from DM-5.5 to DM-5.8?

I need to migrate my information from a Tomcat install of DM-5.5 to either a tomcat or Debian repo install of 5.8 (I am not sure which would be better to use on my Wheezy system).

Is there something which documents which files get put where, depending on the install method?

To clarify: I am wanting to move my install to a different machine, running a different version of Nuxeo. I am moving from a DM5.5 tomcat install on debian squeeze, to a 5.8 install through debian repository on debian wheezy 7.2.

Is there any way I can take the files in the database, and then put them on the other machine, and have all my files? (If I did not want to worry about customizations I made or users added etc )

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Is it possible to still download the 5.6-tomcat install? If I understand correctly, I need it to migrate from 5.5 to 5.8?

Have you looked at the How to Upgrade Nuxeo page? Follow the instructions for 5.5 to 5.6 and then 5.6 to 5.8. Specifics depend on how you originally installed Nuxeo but should be covered in the upgrade documentation.

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I guess I should clarify, my question is more along the lines of shifting my install from a tomcat install of DM-5.5 to a .deb install of 5.8 (by doing 5.6 then to 5.8). Does the tomcat install place things in a different place than the debian installer? If I do not have too many customizations in place, would it be enough to install a new install of 5.8 via .deb and then import my data into it?

The main differences between the plain zip and the debian package are:

  • deb package uses a more standard directory structure
  • it has dependency on 3rd-party packages needed by Nuxeo
  • it can help set up PostgreSQL

If you want to switch from the zip to the deb package, the main steps are:

  • install the deb package
  • stop the deb-based nuxeo with /etc/init.d/nuxeo stop
  • move your current nuxeo.conf to /etc/nuxeo/nuxeo.conf
  • either move your data dir to /var/lib/nuxeo/data or change in your nuxeo.conf to point at your current data dir

Thank you for that clarification. So if I am to understand correctly, the two could actually reside side by side on the same machine, as long as they each had their own database cluster, and data store, right?

Basically, I am going to be doing an OS upgrade to Wheezy 7.2, and then a migration from 5.5 to 5.6, and then 5.6 to 5.8 (which we will probably stick with for the life of the LTS).

Would I just tell it to use the same database as 5.5 / 5.6? I need to upgrade PostgreSQL from 8.4 to 9.1 as well. What is the right order to upgrade components? If I use the .deb, would it pull down postgres9.1 or so, and then install a fresh nuxeo database, which I would then have to overwrite with my old?


There are a few more things that could conflict, like the listening address+port, but basically yes, you could run both the zip distribution and the deb package on the same machine as long as those conflicts are resolved.

The deb package will pull "postgresql >=8.4" so as long as your postgresql install was with the meta "postgresql" package and not the "postgresql-8.4" package the db version upgrade should be transparent when you do your distribution upgrade. Otherwise it will just be a matter of player with the pg_upgradecluster command.

Your Nuxeo data is basically present in two locations: the database, and the for file data, which defaults to nxserver/data when using the zip but should really be moved out of the distribution directory for any kind of production use (and if you're in cluster mode, the
To be safe, you should backup those before trying to upgrade, but as long as your nuxeo.conf points to those same locations, the upgrade should be relatively painless.


Thank you so much! I cannot remember if I explicitly installed postgresql by number or meta-package. I will have to look into it.