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Hi, I am facing issue of duplicate file or workspace paste. I have created one file and copy that by click on copy button, and go to another workspace. In that workspace I am able to paste many times with same name. Plz find attachment.

FILES:   duplicate.png
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Moved your comment to.. a comment instead of an answer, for readability. Also, see my own comment: your request is not clear enough or is incomplete.

Your files share the same title (dc:title) but do not have the same name (unique in a given folder, check the URL) and id.

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Comment from Santosh Yadav : Hi, Yes correct !! But I want unique title also. Becoz there is no need to duplicate same file many times. it consumes memory space.

What you want is not clear: do you want multiple paste at the same location being ignored because already pasted?

A document title is not discriminant, there is no constraint on it and nothing prevent from having duplicate titles.

Also, please note that this does not consume any additional storage space while the documents are identical, regardless their title.