After deleting a document the associated binaries are getting abandoned.

Hi ,

I have main document which contains many sub document . and many binaries are attached to main document and each sub document (more than one level).

After deleting the main document (hard delete using Coresesssion.removeDocument()) the main document all the other document and their associated binaries must be deleted . but thats not the case .

In nuxeo admin center i find all the binaries are in active state .Thats why the garbage collection don't take place and space is not getting reduced.

for example :

  1. Nuxeo is on for the first time with no data. (no of active binaries 0 ,no of orphaned binaries 0)
  2. Create main document and import data (no of active binaries 483 ,no of orphaned binaries 0)
  3. Delete the main document (no of active binaries 483 ,no of orphaned binaries 0)

After 3rd step the active binaries must be zero but thats not the case . I am using embedded H2 db .I check for the soft delete but its not enabled.

I don't understand why there is still some reference to the binaries ??

After long analysis i came to know that there is open bug in the nuxeo :

I am currently using 5.8.0-HF09.

Do anyone know if this from is fixed in next hot releases .

thanks atul

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When you delete a document, it does into a “Trash”, it's not permanently deleted.
In the parent folder, check the Manage -> Trash tab, you can do a permanent deletion from there, your binaries should then get orphaned (as long as they are not referenced somewhere else).

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