Having a link that points to a tab or a subtab of the current document.

When a user opens a folder, we want to be able to notify users about any subfolders/files that are in a certain state. There is currently a “Manage” sub-tab to do that, which has details about those documents.

We would like to have, in the “Actions” part of the “Summary” tab, the ability to have a link to the “Manage” sub-tab, for user convenience, when some documents are in the state we want to flag, so that they do not have to go to the sub-tab to check.

This does not seem to be easily feasible, any ideas?

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I'm not sure of what you talking about. Which state are you talking about ?

Anyway you can create with Nuxeo Studio a User Action that you choose to display in your Summary Tab attached to the following automation chain:

  • Fetch Context Document
  • User Interface > Change Tab and put TAB_MANAGE

This will not exactly what you want. There is no sub_tab navigation. But you can write your own Operation with Nuxeo IDE inspired from the Change Tab implementation:

@Param(name = "tab")
protected String tab;

@Param(name = "sub tab")
protected String subTab;

public void run() {

And you will just have to publish this action to Studio and set TAB_MANAGE, TAB_MANAGE_the_sub_tab_name

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