Retrieve permission with Document.GetUsersAndGroups


I try to improve Nuxeo Android Client with getUsersAndGroups feature but I doesn't understand how it works.

this is my request:

OperationRequest req = session.newRequest(GetUsersAndGroups).setInput(doc);
        req.set("permission", permission);
        req.set("variable name", "rights");
        req.set("ignore groups", ignoreGroups);
        req.set("prefix identifiers", prefixIdentifiers);
        req.set("resolve groups", resolveGroups);
        Document resultDoc = (Document) req.execute();

As describes in the Automation documentation : the chain takes 2 args mandatory (“permission” and “variable name”)

This chains code is detailed on GetDocumentUsersAndGroups class. A key which correspond with the “variable name” arguments should be set to the OperationContext.

I've hope to retrieve this parameter once the request as been finished but I didn't and the Json returned to me looks like that:


There are few samples of this feature, that's why I ask you, Thanks a lot,

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