Connection error:please check server URL -Nuxeo Driver

I have pc with win 7 and nuxeo drive 2.0.0529, nuxeo platform running 7.2 FT tomcat 7 and install nuxeo driver from market place. Ubuntu LTS 14, When i start driver the first time it told this error:

Connection error:please check server URL

Nuxeo-drive is 1.5.1 server side.

My pc work fine with in cloud. I think its a problem with 7.2 platform and nuxeo-drive 1.5.1 It's correct?

Thanks Aquilino

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Ok. I first install nuxeo 7.2 in another computer with windows and obtain the same error, then clear all and then install nuxeo 6.0 and drive work fine.

I'm testing nuxeo but continuous testing with version 6.0 I think it's the best idea.


P.D. I read in another place, not remember now the webpage, but talk about problem with drive 1.5.1 and nuxeo 7.2 and sugest to change to drive 1.5.0 or another.

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Might be, anything in the bug report that you can generate in the Advanced tab of the Settings panel?

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