How do I attach several documents to a single workflow

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Workflow service natively handles a list of documents for each workflow instance. To start a workflow on a list of document, you can deploy on the worklist a user action that you bind to an automation chain that makes use of the Start Workflow operation. Then if you put several documents in the worklist and you click on your button, it will start one workflow. If you go to the tasks resolution screen from Home main tab, and click on the task of the workflow just started, you will see the content view of all the documents that are bound to the workflow.

If you go that way:

  • each document will be applied the workflow specific security rule
  • the list of documents will be put in input of all the automation chains that are bound to your task nodes in the workflow definition.

Another way of approaching the “one workflow several documents use case” is to use a document that will define the list of all documents on which you want to run the workflow, for instance a collection type. This may be more interesting if you have a lot of functional semantic around your group of documents. But the workflow won't change automatically the security on the documents linked to the collection object, you would have to do it manually on each automation chains bound to task nodes.

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