ajax4jsf and HTML5 - problem rerender HTML5 with xmlparser

I use Nuxeo 5.5 and I develop a front-office using HTML5, JSF and Seam.

When HTML5 tags are in a4j:outputPanel like this

The HTML5 structure is broken like this. Even worse, two sections appear!

< section>< /section> < div> < section>test< /section>< /div>

I found the context parameter below for web.xml, and now the HTML5 structure is respected, but my question is, can i have a potential problem with pages developed by Nuxeo using ajax4jsf ? Thank you!

< context-param>

< param-name>org.ajax4jsf.xmlparser.ORDER< /param-name>
< param-value>NONE< /param-value>

< /context-param>

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OK, after investigation my best solution is to use NEKO and not NONE and to isolate the context with this configuration:


    <param-value>[path of your web files]</param-value>

But if you find better, I will be very happy to read you! :)

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That looks like a bug with the default "tidy" parser. This can also happen when using invalid HTML or ajax re-rendering sub elements of tables for instance.

All this is configurable, some documentation is available here for instance: http://docs.jboss.org/richfaces/latest_3_3_X/en/devguide/html/ArchitectureOverview.html#FilterConfiguration

I think you can also contribute configuration files for default parsers, as well as your own parser, but i haven't tried.