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Hi, first of all sorry for my english, i recently downloaded your DM aplication, and i want to know if there is any posibility to point to my svn repository so the dm show all folders and sub folder with the documents inside, or i have to replicate the same structure of the svn manually on dm ??

thanks in advance.

greetings From Chile.

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The solution depends on the specific scenario you want to follow:

  1. your repository is to be used by both subversion and nuxeo simultaneously
  2. your original repository is to be imported into nuxeo

I'd suggest to avoid going the path #1 because of the potential of adversely affecting the integrity of either system with their own commit approaches, change management, etc.

As for #2 there is no need to perform a manual replication. You can use our document importer module that allows one to download file-systems while preserving their own structure. It is available via Nuxeo Marketplace as a plugin, and is also downloadable as source-code if you want to build it yourself. You can find more information here: Import a file system

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