Problem starting Template Rendering Listener and fetching documents

Hi team,

I have detected a problem starting Nuxeo. With a 100M documents instance, the deployment is very slow, and looking for the problem, I found this source code into

It runs after listening for aboutToCreate event.

public void run() {
   StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("select * from Document where ");
   sb.append(" <> 'none'");
   DocumentModelList docs = session.query(sb.toString());
   for (DocumentModel doc : docs) {
      TemplateSourceDocument tmpl = doc.getAdapter(TemplateSourceDocument.class);
      if (tmpl != null) {
         for (String type : tmpl.getForcedTypes()) {
             if (mapping.containsKey(type)) {

This NXQL against MongoDB has a serious problem, even having indexes:

select * from Document where tmpl:forcedTypes/* <> 'none'

Regards, VS!

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