Create a proxy in DM portal

Tech doc asserts that proxies are part of DM. But nothing in User Doc explain how to create a proxy.

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As Fred and Florent mentioned you need to go through some customization. However, you can still achieve it easily with Studio, assuming you are running Nuxeo 5.7+. Here is a quick overview of the principles:

  • Create a workflow, then into it:
  • Add a “destination” variable (String)
  • Add a task (approve node type is the most ready to use node template in this case), assign it to the workflow initiator (compute additional assignees field, use the Context[“workflowInitiator”] variable)
  • In the form tab, place the destination variable and use it with a single document suggestion widget
  • Create a chain that uses the Document > Create Live Proxy operation to place the proxy into the destination document. The chain can be used in a transition or as the output chain eventually.

You can also decide to offer a limited list of destinations using a vocabulary or a specific NXQL query.

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The UI in Nuxeo does not show the possibility to create “proxies” for documents, mainly for ergonomic concerns as it can be very confusing. However, this mechanism is used when you publish a document as it creates a proxy pointing to a version of a document:

Hope that helps


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It's a pity because 1) I'm use to use symbolic links with my file system and I would have been happy to have it in nuxeo and 2) it is documented but not really available.



It's technically available but there's no user interface for it except when publishing to a section. Nuxeo provides a default user experience to cater to most users, but an individual project like yours may have different needs, in this case some customizations or code should be written.