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Is it possible to activate the Nuxeo drive synchronization of all the workspaces for all users who have access right per default?

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Technically yes that would be possible using the NuxeoDrive API:


and an NXQL query for each user (loop on the “userDirectory”) returning their accessible workspaces.

You would also have to implemeent a listener on security update events to register/unregister workspaces for which a user would be granted / denied the Read permission.

Yet, we don't recommand such a behaviour as it would mean potentially a lot of synchronization roots, therefore a big load for the server and the Nuxeo Drive instances.

Please note that the main purpose of Nuxeo Drive is to allow synchronization between a file system and some mount points of a Nuxeo repository for a given set of users. Nuxeo Drive is neither a bulk import tool, nor a repository backup / synchronization tool.

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Thanks for your reply it helps a lot.

My purpose was to archive documents (paper) directly from the scanner (pdf) to Nuxeo. I found this and i'll explore this way instead.

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