Which JBoss package should I deploy for DM

I want to use Nuxeo DM on JBoss and just found the two following Nuxeo 5.5 packages:

What is the difference between the CAP and DM package?
Which one is the right candidate for me to deploy in order to use DM?

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Download nuxeo-dm-5.5-jboss-ear.zip for using DM with JBoss. Note since we recommend Tomcat for Nuxeo 5.5, that JBoss package is only a “skeleton” which you have to deploy in JBoss (look at the README file).

Since Nuxeo 5.5, the base distribution is CAP (basic features for a “Content Application Platform”). DM is deployed as a module with “Advanced Document Management” features. There are other modules available from the startup wizard (Tomcat only) or from the Nuxeo Marketplace: Social Collaboration (SC), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Case Management Framework (CMF), …

See CAP user guide, DM user guide and others guides for more information about every modules.

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