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For one of our customers, we are considering Nuxeo as a platform. So far, we quite like it and hopefully this will transform into a true love :+)

However, the customer has a specific requirement: it must give his users the possibility to add new attributes to the documents directly from the frontoffice pages. The user chose the document type (file, customfile, whatever) and adds or removes an attribute. Of course, the attribute added must be searchable, etc. It will appear on some default position in the create/edit/view layout. This must be possible inside Nuxeo (without going to Studio) and for all users in a group.

We have some experienced java programmers here, so coding is not a problem. However, I would very much appreciate any hints on how to approach this. A totally custom GUI? Some hooks to the existing one?

I dit RTFMed the issue, but I was unable to find a direct answer.

Many thanks, KeyPi

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May be somebody will write something simpler, but my idea is something like this:

You can try to emulate fields by documents of new type with facet “HiddenInNavigation”. In this case, the main document have to have facet “folderish” and it is necessary to create/change some actions with VIEW_ACTION_LIST category to show required TABs. It may also require to create your own TAB xhtml, where you can position fields and “atributes”.

Some initial “atributes” can be created the same way, as WorkspaceRoot, SectionRoot and TemplateRoot for Domain. Edition can be realised by using for instance Ajax.

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