Font error in Nuxeo 5.8 DM

I've just install Nuxeo 5.8 and try creating some contents then I see a problem: I use Vietnamese and most of the title of a content has error with font while the content text inside is fine, no problem with font?

I check the database and it's utf 8 unicode?

Can you provide me with some help on this?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Tùng,

The issue is visible because vietnamese writing contains many diacritical marks, right ? Can you provide us a screenshot and possibly a link to a common vietnamese font to test it ?



Thanks for your reply, I do not have enough karma to attach file here. Can you give me email adress so that I can send screenshot via email? I agree that this is a font problem but he Vietnamese font is popular and it's usually not a problem because of utf 8 unicode font: even on a normal website or any system we use (crm, project management, knowledge management….) every thing is going fine with vietnamese font without any setting needed because utf8 is globally supported. Even with Nuxeo 5.6 or 5.7 there's any problem with that. For Nuxeo 5.8 the content is fine with Vietnamese font. The problem is only with the title (subject, topic…).

This is my company website in Vietnamese if you want to test

Please get back to me with solutions ASAP.

Thank you very much.


I've checked your website: the font you use is Verdana. It's not especially a vietnamese font but a font that contains Vietnamese diacritical marks characters.

So the problem may only come from the title or a field. We replaced the select boxes by Select2 with suggestion between 5.6+ and 5.8.


Was it Nuxeo 5.7.1, 5.7.2, 5.7.3? This could help to determine if a particular new feature make this happen.

I don't understand what you mean here "We replaced the select boxes by Select2 with suggestion between 5.6+ and 5.8." . Could you please make it clearer? I think the 5.7.2 works fine with font, and the same thing for 5.6. I haven't tried 5.7.3. I think it's kind of bugs, not the system-wide error because some titles display correctly with fonts, some other with error (with the same text). Some title is ok while it's content has problem and in other situation is opposite (tittle with problem, content ok).

Or even at this time it's ok and the next time when I restart the server and get back to that content then font error comes.

It's quite frustrated :D

(test vietnamese font here: aroma tiếng anh cho người đi làm, chia sẻ mỗi ngày) –> it works fine.


Select2 is cool suggestion widget based on Javascript. We introduced it in Nuxeo 5.7.3. I don't think your problem is related to this despite I noticed some localization issue with the select2 suggestion and directories (See NXP-13141).

Personally I switched to Vietnamese with a 5.8 and I did not have any trouble (well, I have to confess that I don't get a word of Vietnamese, but there is something displayed and it looks like it).

Due to the random side of your issue, could you consider some other external causes?

Or maybe, you should check the l10n resource on github and see if it's all right (check encoding).

If you think file is wrong, feel free to provide a pull request.


Thank you for your prompt reply. The 5.x versions do not have font problem like this. It only happen to 5.8 I check the you mention and it has problem with Vietnamese font: cannot display Vietnamese character with diacritical marks. For example: row 296-299:

# Human translation
#en: Publish
action.publish.content=Xu\u1ea5t b\u1ea3n
#google: Xu\u1ea5t b\u1ea3n

The word "Publish" when translated into Vietnamese should look like "Xuất bản" but in the file it's "Xu\u1ea5t b\u1ea3n" It means: normal chararers without diacritical marks is ok, but charaters with diacritical marks will not be displayed correctly. As I explain: Vietnamese is latin-based charater and fully support by Unicode UTF8 font just as Verdana, Times New Roman, Arial without any problem - on the same server, without anything to be configed (just like Nuxeo 5.7 and all other web app: no problem with Vietnamese - nothing need to be configure).

As your request I check the file in github and clearly there's errors displaying Vientnamese in that file? Is it the cause of font problem that I'm experiencing? What can be done to solve that?

Thank you.


The .properties file is encoded in a special Java format with Unicode escape,s and the escaping shown here is correct. For instance \u1ea5 corresponds to U+1EA5 which is the correct character.

Please include a screenshot otherwise we can't find out what's wrong.


Also please stop adding your comments to the Answers section, these are not answers. Edit your original question or add comments to it.

Sorry for posting my comment to the wrong place. Here is the screenshot of the font error. The question mark (?) is the errors where it cannot display characters with diacritical marks. It happens both to the title (list of topic) as well as content of a topic.

alt text


Could you check the encoding detected by your browser for the page? What browser is it by the way? Could you also check what encoding headers are sent in the page?

I use all kinds of browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and there's the same thing with font error like this. On Chrome, I open menu View/Encoding I see Unicode UTF-8 is checked and Vietnamese font is usually show well with this encoding with very popular fonts like Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman without any configuration needed.

When I view source on Chrome, I see the text "content="text/html;charset=utf-8"


Anybody can give some help on this?