Nuxeo Drive authentication problem


I am getting a problem with authentication for Nuxeo Drive. The authentication does not work if the user has special characters on the password (I get “Invalid Credentials”). But, if I change the password for the user to only use letters and numbers, it works.

My version of Nuxeo is 5.6.0-HF14. Nuxeo Drive is 1.0.1.

Cheers, Tiago

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Could you please report the issue on along and please attach the log file at $HOME/.nuxeo-drive/logs/nxdrive.log or at least the portion that is relevant to the issue?

What kind of “special character” did trigger the issue?

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I have submitted the issue on Jira. Thanks for the reply. I have been able to pinpoint at least one problematic character, the : (colon) character.

=> NXP-11456


Thank you very much!