Why haven't I no more logs on JSF errors since nuxeo-6.0

I am upgrading my nuxeo-5.8 plugins… I try to modify my JSF .xhtml files but it's really hard since I have strictly no logs about JSF errors. I know there is a problem on some pages : redirection to /debug.xhtml but nothing in the logs…

I try to edit /lib/log4j.xml :

  • root category with DEBUG level
  • add category “com.sun.faces”…

no way…

Sometimes the /debug.xhtml page is not found : so 404 error Any cases, it is always empty : no information on it…

How can i have nice logs which tell me : “your JSF id is duplicate, rich:message is not right because you didn't specify xmlns rich prefix” and so on… I had no problem in 5.8 ; I could make mistakes, nuxeo was always there to insult me

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I'm not sure why it's not as verbose as you would expect. You can try to set the JSF dev mode by adding the following to your nuxeo.conf file:


This will generate a lot of warnings though, usually because Nuxeo templates namespaces are not all declared as they should, but at least you will get more information in logs and display.

The Seam debug mechanism has indeed been broken for a while, see https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-9528, and we haven't worked on fixng it yet, but i hope you can manage without it.

The following page should also help you migrate your logics: https://doc.nuxeo.com/display/NXDOC/Upgrade+to+JSF2. Note it includes a helper java module to migrate automatically some of your xhtml logics, if you find it useful.

Hope this helps

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