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I got a question regarding hotfixes. I took a look at the git repository, and as far as I can see every hotfix branch always includes every previous hotfixes is that correct? So if we apply these hotfixes without mp-hotfix but by building the latest hotfix branch, and then starting nuxeo from the resulting deployment, do we have every hotfix applied or am I missing something?

Kind regards Tom

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Hello Tom,

we have been building hotfixes in the past which basically meant building the source from the respective hotfix release and updating the jars in the nxserver lib and bundles folder of our installation. Updating the tomcat and external libraries used by the hotfix version is required too (which usually build well too) and the templates folder structure must be updated manually. Therefore making diffs of the config templates is required to detect changes. This worked pretty well in the past though we are facing issues with LTS2019-HF38 that we cannot create new documents in the WebUI anymore as the accepted subtypes array is always empty.



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