Drag'n drop modifications ?


I would like to modify the drag'n drop functionnality :

  1. How to disable the “Quick import” ? ==> I want the “Smart import with meta-data” set by default (and disable the other choices)
  2. How to define multiple dragn'drop options when the form appear ==> I want to re-use the metadata that I created for the File documents

How can I do that ?

Thank you very much, Julien

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For the 1., I think you just have to change the order of the quick import action contribution to move it after the smart import meta-data. I think the following contribution into advanced settings > XML contribution in studio, may do the stuff:

Do multiple times what is explained [here][1]:

  • for the first option use dndEdit1 and yourschema1 for instance
  • for the second use dndEdit2 and yourschema2
  • etc…

Becareful to modify names in the xml contribution in advanced settings, into the name of your form layout and for the schema name used.


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