Problem with OpenID Configuration


My problem is a little bit weird.

I configured Nuxeo Platform to support OpenID connect. I chose Github as the Identity Provider. Following the instructions in this link, I managed to have a GitHub button on the login page and login through GitHub OAuth2 Authentication. Then I changed client id and client secret to some other value and restarted the Nuxeo platform. I checked the nuxeo.conf file and found the value of client id and client secret of GitHub has already changed to the new one. But on the login page, the GitHub button shows the link with the old client id and client secret. I don't know how to refresh the GitHub button link to include the new client id and client secret. Can anyone help me? Thank you!


Today I logged into the backend PostgreSQL database used by Nuxeo platform and found the table named “oauth2ServiceProviders” which stored the GitHub client ID and client secret. The value of client ID and client secret is different from the value I configured in the nuxeo.conf file. When I manually changed the value in the table to the one I expected and restarted the Nuxeo server, the link in the GitHub button changed. So I think the problem is Nuxeo cannot synchronize the configuration values (client ID and client secrete) in nuxeo.conf with the ones stored in backend database. Is this a bug?

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