Filters and action to setup in order to allow Drive Sync and DriveEdit

I will have three categories of users :

one will be allowed to use all Nuxeo Drive features (Sync a folder, Drive Edit a document) another one will only be allowed to edit a document online The others will not be able to use any Nuxeo Drive features

Those permissions will be based on belonging (or not) to two groups (drive and sync)

I tried to override some filters from, example :

<filter id="can_drive_edit" >
    <rule grant="true">
    <rule grant="false">
    <rule grant="false">
        <condition>#{ ! currentUser.isMemberOf('ubx:applis:collab:nuxeo:drive_edit')}</condition>

It does not seem to work. I would like not to have to define a custom filter and override all existing actions. How should I procede ?

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