Include file in xsl

Hello i'm linking XML files with the XSL using PHP ,

    //load blob of xsl file that exists in Nuxeo 
    //load blob of xml file that exists in Nuxeo

    //Load XSL from a string 
     $xslDoc = new \DOMDocument();

  //Load XML from a string 
    $xmlDoc = new \DOMDocument();

    $metadata = $simpleXml->xpath($xpath);
    $proc = new \XSLTProcessor();
    $output = $proc->transformToXML($xmlDoc);

My files XML and XSl are existing in my plateform Nuxeo, The XSL file has this line **<xsl:include href="outils.xsl"/>**. The problem is here “$proc->importStylesheet($xslDoc);” He cannot include outils.xsl that exists in Nuxeo , Is there any Solution?

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