syntax of the field "Header style class" in a "Layout Widget Editor"

Bonjour, if I want to change the font size of character displaying the widget header label, it is possible in the field “header style class” in a “Layout Widget Editor” and what is the syntax ?


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I have the same problem. Has anyone an answer ???

Thanks in advance



The Header Style Class is here to add a CSS class name to the Header, not a style directly. The CSS class you will add in this field:

  • is already existing in the CSS and you know you need it especially here,
  • is a new one, and you can add your
    CSS rule in the CSS Editor.
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But here, in title, is not a style but directly H1.<br/> How can I do it ?

The h1 or h3, or div or span are the HTML tag to display an element. To style an element, you will add a style class to the tag, then declare the rules you want to use to style it.

So in Studio, in the Header Style Class field, add a unique meaningful name (custom-widget-title for example), then in the CSS Editor, declare your style, like this:

.custom-widget-title { font-size: 140%; }

Many thanks. I do it and it's work fine ! :D

Where do we put the css file?

You don't add your CSS file, you add your CSS rule in the CSS Editor, In Branding > Your branding name > CSS editor tab.

Thanks a lot. Have been searching this for a long time.