Why does nuxeo-web-mobile-dm-1.4.0 make my cas2 authentication contribution ineffective ?

Hi there,

I've just downloaded and installed nuxeo-web-mobile-dm-1.4.0 on a nuxeo-5.8 DM platform with cas2 authentication configured.

This makes cas2 authentication plugin ineffective.

Following components are declared to be required in my cas2 auth. contribution:


Do I need to require any additional component due to nuxeo-web-mobile installation ?


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why do you have a require on org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.login.Portal ? Did you alos deploy the Portal SSO plugin? The config file inside https://connect.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/site/marketplace/package/cas2-authentication?version=1.0.0 does not have so many requires

Hi Thierry, portal auth is used on our server. We do not use market place package but a (ESUP) patched package. Market place package ends up with and infinite redirection loop and following error in logs : checkProxyCasTicket: no service name in the URL (see http://subversion.cru.fr/esup-ecm/nuxeo-platform-login-cas2/trunk/src/main/java/org/nuxeo/ecm/platform/ui/web/auth/cas2/Cas2Authenticator.java there's a comment "added ESUP => does not work otherwise.")

It was just working fine with the "patched" version before I installed nuxeo-mobile bundle … If you have any idea about how to make this work with the market place package I would be really gratefull to you.


Using market place package and overriding implementation class for CAS2_AUTH authentication plugin to feet my needs works. Thank you


yes you need an additional require on the component “org.nuxeo.web.mobile.authenticator.contrib “. But ideally, you have to take into account this contribution and merge everything.

I recommend to install the Platform Explorer addon to see all the contributions to the extension point “chain” that are deployed in your instance. That way, you'll have some clues to find the needed requires.

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Thank you but this doesn't work as expected. Browsing the contribution shows that nuxeo-web-mobile-dm-5.8.0-HF14.jar uses the specificChains extension point, which basically aims to avoid overlapping issues, isn't it ?