Are new localized Dublin core schemas a real improvement for the time ?

As mentionned in

“Overriding dublincore is evil”

Thus I do not understand what the new localisation schemas (coverage and subjects) are leading to. The DC form in documents relies on the new schemas, but it seems it is not compatible with the navigation tree feature, hence the virtual naviagtion is still based on the old schemas.

What a pity ! Since these new schemas make use of hierarchical vocabularies along with suggestion widgets, the size of the directory can thus be greatly improved. But the problem mentionned above leads to some confusion for the users : some vocabulary entries are functional (2 level hierarchical vocabularies that can be mapped to continent / country or topic / subtopic schemas but one has to maintain a compatibility between old and new schemas). But a 3 level vocabulary cannot be used.

Will there soon be some coherence about this subject ?

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