Does Nuxeo DAM meet specific requirements?

I know it's a lot to ask for. we're looking for S/W to manage images (photos, drawings, icons etc) for a distributed organization. I guess DAM is the right category.

We have the following requirements. Can someone tell me how well Nuxeo DAM meets them? Thanks!

– Shaul


  • Preference to FOSS.
  • Active dev. Large user base.
  • MUST: 100% on local servers. No dependency on 3rd party services.
  • MUST: Handle unlimited number of items.
  • Fully WWW accessible & manageable.
  • Easy backups.
  • Extendibility, Add-ons, plugin availability.


  • MUST: Store various graphic file formats.
  • MUST: Automatically create reduced size previews & thumbnails for WWW browsing.
  • MUST: Store few versions of same object. e.g: Few resolutions of file. Few versions of file : Original JPG, Postprocessed in PSD (photoshop) format. various related graphic materials, TEXT Comments, etc..
  • MUST: Ability to arrange items into a tree by topics, dates, keyword, dependencies.
  • MUST: Extensive search. Slice by various params with AND/OR/NOT logic : kwds, dates, image metadata
  • Not must(?): content-aware search (image color, face detection, etc.)
  • Fast & convenient UI with partial screen refresh. AJAX etc.
  • Ability to D/L albom as ZIP. Send D/L link to a non user.


  • MUST: Extended ACL define access level - per image (better per kwd) for ex: let user X access all images with “level1” and “level2” kwds but not “level3”. user mgmt: define user rights, admin, content mgr, users (Read only but with various content access levels)
  • Image rights mgmt: Specify image use rights : Photographer, subject, children under 18 agreement, etc. Place to attach scanned rights release doc. Photographer name. (Manage photographers contacts?)
  • MUST: Fast BATCH image U/L. Automatic reading of metadata.
  • MUST: Fast BATCH image cataloging. Convenient UI for kwds. e.g: Assign kwd to group of files. Say I have 1000 files. Assign “England” to all, then “London” to half of them.
  • Stats: Image views, D/Ls, kwd popularity, user activity.
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The base DAM product is a great starting point for digital asset management, but you'll find that to meet your requirements customization/additional functionality will be required. I have been through this recently and had to deal with many, very large files (250MB to 2GB PSDs) and so I spent a good deal of time tuning/extending/modifying the base product and libraries. Answers follow.


  • Yes to all items


  • Will store various file file, some will require configuration
  • Will automatically render different size previews; can be extended/modified
  • Yes, can store few versions of same object; may require configuration/customization depending on your requirements
  • You can arrange, slice, dice, and search for items in many ways; again all changeable/customizable
  • Many different search and filter options; extensible to meet any specific requirements
  • No built-in content-aware search, but could be integrated via third party libraries
  • AJAX-based UI
  • Zipping functionality build-in, but would need to be configured/customized for your requirements


  • ACL requirements can be met with declarative and programmatic security; performance is always a concern with too much or too complex programmatic security
  • Image rights metadata can be extracted, however, there is no explicit management of image rights; you could always customize/write your own plugin for this
  • Batch uploading and metadata extraction is built in; however, fast is more a function of the underlying hardware and size of the files being processed; again this can be extended/modified/replaced to meet specific requirements
  • Batch editing supports selection of a group of related documents and then edit of one or more attributes on all chosen documents
  • Basic stats are available, however, what you are looking for would require a custom plugin/functionality


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