[5.8] How to hide create user button in admin panel

Hi there,

I'm trying to hide the createUser button in the adminpanel (we are creating users using a custom API call)

I know some buttons (like tabs, and the import button) can be filtered using extensionpoints But I couldn't find one for the createUser button.

Is there a way to do this for the createUser button to?

Thanks in advance, Bauke Roo

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The createUser button is not defined as an action (so not possible to disable it in a contribution) but as a subview in a XHTML template. The name of the template is user_views.xhtml. You can override this template by removing the inclusion of the subview create_user.xhtml.

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Hi Gildas,

thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I had to overwrite the file "view_users_listing_template.xhtml" and changed this line: "<h:form rendered="#{userManagementActions.allowCreateUser and notReadOnly}"" to "<h:form rendered="false""