CMISql can't retrieve properties of custom type

Hi there!

This questien is connected to question here: I would like to ask why some(not all) of my custom properties in custom types can't be retrieved. Let's say I have document in Nuxeo with my custom type (customType) having my custom property (customProperty). And altough I can see it in nuxeo IDE, my cmisql query can't see it. So if I execute such query:

SELECT customProperty FROM customType WHERE customProperty IS NOT NULL

i got empty results, but I would think that I will have at least one result of document which I see in Nuxeo IDE. (IS NULL returns all results)

And however one customType (the one i need) can't be seen in this queries the other one (eg. customProperty2) is available.

Regards, Michal Wochnik

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We'd need a more concrete example with the exact query used and the actual schemas (XSD) and document-type/schema definition (XML).