How can I cancel the selection of a sort criterion?

When browsing a folder, we have the ability to sort the content views according to one or several columns, which is nice:

However I never managed to make this feature work, since folders are always sorted by title by default, and sorting by another column only adds it as a “second sorting criterion” which has no effect - unless I have documents with the same title.

I must have missed something, but how are we supposed to remove a sorting criterion so we can actually sort by something else than the title?


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Sorting can be done 2 ways :

  • either click on the name of the column and in that case, it will be sorted using the column only
  • or click on the arrow of a column, in that case, it will add a sorting criteria as you have experienced already.

When several criterion are set, click on the name of a column to cancel the sorting and start using the column only.


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and these explanations are visible when putting your mouse over the column titles or sorting arrows (maybe not enough visible?)

Thanks, it works. I now realize that the tooltips actually document this, only they seemed unclear to me until now.

Ok thanks, i'll change them: