notification to LDAP Group

So I'm putting together an automation chain, and one step is sending a notification email to members of an LDAP group. It seems like I should be able to set the To: parameter with @{Fn.getEmailsFromGroup(“groupname”)} - but that doesn't seem to be returning anything (“No recipient addresses”) - and trying expr:@{Fn.getEmailsFromGroup(“groupname”)} results in “Illegal Address” I feel like it's probably something super simple I'm missing, but not sure what it is.

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I've created this chain:

- Context.FetchDocument
- Document.Mail:
    from: ""
    message: Hello
    subject: Meeting
    to: "@{Fn.getEmailsFromGroup(\"mygroup\")}"
    HTML: "false"
    Strict User Resolution: "false"
    rollbackOnError: "true"
    viewId: view_documents

and all the users from “mygroup” received an email. So maybe the problem come from the configuration of your directories: when you go in the users and groups tab, can you see all the members of your group?

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