[Nuxeo 6.0] REGRESSION on workflow input text widget : 'attribute SIZE' not taken into account


We want to update Nuxeo from 5.8 to 6.0 and we notice a regression in text widget behaviour.

We have defined a SIZE for several text widget in 5.8 in workflow node form. And in 6.0 the size is not considered by Nuxeo. Each text widget have same size, whatever size has been defined or not.

Exemple of code source from nuxeo (size is 13)

<td class="fieldColumn">
<input id="nxl_blablabla_tabLayout:nxw_sub0_form:nxw_sub00_nxl_tasks_form:nxl_task_layout:task_boubloublou_subview:nxl_Task279e_taskLayout:nxw_schemaChamp" name="nxl_blablabla_tabLayout:nxw_sub0_form:nxw_sub00_nxl_tasks_form:nxl_task_layout:task_bloubloublou_subview:nxl_Task279e_taskLayout:nxw_schemaChamp" value="" dir="auto" maxlength="13" size="13" type="text">


Screenshots show 2 exemples of resized text widget in 5.8 : first size 13, and second size 2. And in 6.0 it's not working : size is not anymore considered there.

thanks in advance

FILES:   5.8.png   6.0.png
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Size is indeed deprecated in 6.0, CSS should be used https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-15299

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thank you very much for your answer