Error with XOR Binary Manager

Hello, i'm deploying a Nuxeo 5.8 instance with the following steps.

  1. Launch instance configured with PostgreSQL database.
  2. Create a document and download it. All works correctly
  3. Enable xorBinaryManager in default-repository-config
  4. Restart the instance
  5. Login and upload a document again
  6. Download the last document correctly
  7. Download the first document corrupted

All documents are pdfs.

Can we solved it?

Thanks in advance.


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If you change the binary manager configuration then all existing binaries have to be migrated by hand because obviously they are now assumed to be XOR-encrypted when they're not.

We don't have an automated migration procedure, such a change is assumed to be done on a test server in which case getting rid of the data is not a problem.

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