Has anyone created a product on top of Nuxeo platform?


Since we are evaluating Nuxeo so questions related to that.

Has anyone tried to create a product on top of Nuxeo platform ? Meaning not using the UI but building your own UI on top of nuxeo and accessing nuxeo via API . Is it possible or not ?

If possible then could you share your experience a bit ?


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Hi, Yes, it's definitely possible to create a product on top of nuxeo. The REST API provided covers most of the core features, and you can add your own custom behaviors within nuxeo studio (via automation chains/scripting) or with some java plugin as an operation. Here is for instance a simple CRM solution that I built on top of nuxeo: https://github.com/qualitified/qualitified-crm Regarding the UI, you can use some of the nuxeo elements provided and create your own custom UI. You can also build one from scratch based on angularJS: https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/howto-develop-with-angular2/


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Excellent! Thanks Michael