Nuxeo Drive - RootAlreadyBindWithDifferentAccount

I'm testing the best method to install Drive. My first test had the exe variable of /TARGETUSERNAME=“username” I wanted to test using the example of /TARGETUSERNAME=“foo” used in this documentation:

Now when I run Drive setup with the new variable I get the error: nxdrive.exceptions.RootAlreadyBindWithDifferentAccount: ('username', '')

What token, etc to I need to remove to resolve this issue?

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This is happening when you try to add a new account and when there already is an account with those same values: the server URL, the username and the local folder. Change the local folder and the error should be gone.

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Is there a way to clear the values on the server?

On the server, you can only remove a token, which will have no effect on the client side, e.g. the user will be asked to enter new credentials. It will not remove the account. Either you set a custom local folder different than %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Nuxeo Drive, either you completely delete the %USERPROFILE%\.nuxeo-drive folder and the user will have to add again an account.

Ah, that was my issue… Since I was testing a config file in .nuxeo-drive folder it was never deleted. Good to know!