Is Nuxeo Open Source?

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  Is Nuxeo open source or is it a trial version ? Do we have to pay for it later on? Please give me some information regarding its license.
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Nuxeo is fully open source. There's only one unique version, free, fully functional and enterprise-ready.

All source code lives in public repositories on GitHub and self-hosted Mercurial.

As said in our documentation, most of the code in the Nuxeo project is licensed under the LGPL:

Nuxeo Platform is fully open source software developed by Nuxeo and a community of contributors under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License), a non-reciprocal free and open source license approved as such by the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

Nuxeo Platform uses third party libraries, mostly from the Apache, JBoss and Eclipse projects, but also from the open source Java project. They all use open source licenses that are both compatible with the LGPL and non-reciprocal.

All Nuxeo modules available for the Nuxeo Platform, such as Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management and Social Collaboration are also fully open source.

You will find the licenses' files in the Nuxeo Platform source code (LGPL, CDDL and MIT; note some other Nuxeo projects are also licensed under EPL, the Eclipse Public License, or under the Apache License).

Have a look at our Business and Corporate FAQs about pricing. You don't have to pay for anything else than advanced support: the Nuxeo revenue stream is predominantly derived from the sale of support and maintenance packages (the Nuxeo Connect subscription program).

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