Nuxeo 5.6-RC3 artifacts missing from Nuxeo Maven Repository

I don't see the Nuxeo 5.6-RC3 artifacts in the Maven Repository. Will these be published in the near future?

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Nexus does lazy fetching for its proxy repositories, it won't get an artifact unless it's actually requested.
If the artifact is not already cached locally, you won't see it when browsing the repository (but you will see it in the index).

If you need to “directly” download an artifact that is not cached, you can still do so using the maven dependency plugin, e.g.:
mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:2.5:get -Dartifact=org.nuxeo.ecm.distribution:nuxeo-distribution-tomcat:5.6-RC3:zip:nuxeo-cap

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Artifacts are synchronized with our internal repository at first retrieval. I checked, 5.6-RC3 artifacts are visible, can you check again on your side?

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So it appears the 5.6-RC3 artifacts exist on but not Any thoughts?

Mathieu said: will be an abstract name resolved with Amazon's latency based resolution, pointing either to or depending on where you are.

There might be a problem somewhere… let's wait for him to be back from holidays…