Error when I upload a file with properties

When I try to insert a file show me this error:

/widgets/list_widget_template.xhtml @203,105 value=“#{model.rowData['foo']}“: Target Unreachable, 'rowData' returned null on 'org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.ui.web.model.impl.ProtectedEditableModelImpl'

Doesnt work in web app neither Any idea? thanks

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Could you give some specifics ? What do you mean by When I try to insert a file, are you trying to attach a file to a document ? Which version of the platform are you using ? By web app, do you refer to the JSF UI accessible via /nuxeo/nxpath/… for example ?

in the log, nuxeo shows me this error too: [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.el.DocumentModelResolver] Property not found: docType:docField. No such schema

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I created a custom doctype extending File with a complex field on a fresh 5.8 and could not reproduce your issue.

Could you sent some excerpts of your platform extensions, some PHP code causing the error and the nuxeo server log ?

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When I say trying to attach a file to document I mean when I try to add a document to nuxeo adding data in subtypes of data properties, for example if I have a document like article:exampleList[{ subData1: “field1” }] etc, and I trying to add this data in JSF UI and PHP automation client doesn't works, showing the error which I put up.

My nuxeo version is 5.8 and when I say web app I mean refer to JSF UI via /nuxeo/nxpath/.

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