Document found by IdRef but not found by PathRef

We have an random error, when we search an document by path (CoreSession.exists(new PathRef(“'the path”)) we have an Document Not Found Exception. But the document was found by ID (CoreSession.exists(new IdRef(“'the id”)) or by query (SELECT * FROM “type of Document), the document exist and the path is correct. Same think with the api play ground.

An idea for the error?

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Are there special characters in the file name? Cause I experienced similar problem (see when there are special characters in the filename.

Obviously this works internally in Nuxeo, which uses this all over the place. So you'll have to provide a concrete example of a failure for us to diagnose anything.

Thanks for your responds.

The problem come from the user workspace, which was duplicated. Same name, same path.

After, for an search by path, on time nuxeo search in a workspace, ohter time in the other.

The duplicate workspaces are created at the first connexion of an new user in our HMI. Two simultaneous webservice calls created a workpace (as it does not yet exist) in two different CoreSession.

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