Should CMIS select * from cmis:folder return the root folder?

The current set of nuxeo-chemistry unit tests expect the root folder to be filtered out in cmis:folder queries since its lifecyclestate is NULL. Yet, 'Root' is considered a valid cmis:folder primarytype. Are the unit tests that make this assumption about the root folder incorrect?

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Hi rg1

where you write your CMIS query to Worklist? and how to make the call?

Thank you


I'd say they are neither correct or incorrect, they just test the current state of the platform. What would you change?

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For example, in TestNuxeoBinding.testQueryBasic(), I would change the number 4 to 5 in the assertEquals below if we agreed that the root of the CMIS tree should itself be considered a cmis:folder.

statement = "SELECT * FROM cmis:folder";
res = query(statement);
assertEquals(4, res.getNumItems().intValue());

But you'd need to change what's returned for the root. How would you change that? Note that I don't much care about the behavior of the root, it's special and does not matter in real life.