nuxeo-dm needs sun-java6-jdk but nuxeo 7.2 needs java 1.8


I've been upgrading nuxeo from 7.1 to 7.2. I've been asked to install java8 on my ubuntu server for that. So did I, and installation wen't right. Except that :

  • update center doesn't work anymore (I got the famous Nuxeo error page)
  • nuxeo-dm, nuxeo-dam, nuxeo-cmf are not installed, since apt-get declares they depend on sun-java6-jdk, that I can't install (I suppose it's because I installes Java8 ? )

Can you tell what am I to do to get the 7.2 server working right ?




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The nuxeo-dm, nuxeo-dam and nuxeo-cmf packages from the repository aren't Nuxeo packages, they are old versions of Nuxeo, back when we had different distributions for the different variants.
You need to use either the update center (in which case you should check the logs to see why it's not working for you) or the command line (nuxeoctl mp-install …).

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Ok, thanks. I'll try and read the logs.

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