Upload file in to Nuxeo from Android?

I'm trying to upload file from Android to nuxeo server ref to the below link: http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/NXDOC/Using+Nuxeo+Automation+Client but popping error like “Binary data not supported”. when using Android automation client. Is there any alternative ways to upload file from android to nuxeo server.

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Did you look at the answers to Uploading file to nuxeoserver from android?

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Hey Julien, I referred the link I understood that due to internet issues Automation client is not supporting then it's ok and BlobWidgetWrapper class file

  1. above class has startUpload(Blob blobToUpload, String batchId) method which is protected which i cannot access coz i'm adding "Connector" source as external project. 2.it is such difficult to create context

Is there any recommended procedure to Upload file from Android? Can you please provide steps to achieve this .

Thanks, Bob