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I am trying to configure the mail.from attribute with the reply address and the senders name,to get the same behavior like when we receive a mail from Nuxeo Answers; the display name is Nuxeo Answers and the reply address is

So far i tried; mail.from=“Domain” (Domain)

with no success.

What exactly is the syntax for this ? tx Michel

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mail.from is used by javax.mail.Session, following JavaMail Spec and RFC 822 “From” header which says:

Typical address syntax is of the form “user@host.domain” or “Personal Name user@host.domain“.

So, what you tried seems right. What result did you get when using mail.from=“Domain” ? Maybe it would work better without double quotes around: mail.from=Domain

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Hi Julien,

As soon as i put double quotes or <> , the server doesn't start.

If i simply put a space between the personal name and the email , the server starts but no notification are sent, like if it was not able to construct the email object.

We have other tools sending emails in C# and we use
Caristix < >

but with the same syntax in Nuxeo the server doesn't start.

And in my case i would also need to have a Personal Name with a space in it

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Could you please fill a Jira issue about that?