Obtaining a list of Orphaned Binaries Before Deletion


I am looking into a way to review orphaned binaries before they are deleted. I know that that platform has in the Admin tab the tool to gathered orphaned binaries, and where you can delete clear them. I also saw in a different thread on what script is used to collect the orphaned binaries.


However something I've been trying to find is how and where the orphaned binaries are stored before deletion, if they are saved in some sort of list. When looking at the script, I see:

SQLRepositoryStatusMBean status = new SQLRepositoryStatus();
if (!status.isBinariesGCInProgress()) {
    BinaryManagerStatus binaryManagerStatus = status.gcBinaries(true);

So I looked up on BinaryManagerStatus and saw here: http://community.nuxeo.com/api/nuxeo/5.5/javadoc/org/nuxeo/ecm/core/storage/sql/BinaryManagerStatus.html

It has information about the number of GC binaries, duration, but nothing on returning the list. Is there an alternate way of obtaining this list?

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No, currently there's no way to return the list. You'd have to change the binary manager API and implementation to do that.

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Thank you for confirming. I was just wondering if this was something that was possible with the current API