Cluster : services and servers


I will soon have to upgrade our Nuxeo server to 6.0. Our users and groups are stored in an LDAP repository (dedicated LDAP replication).

Willing to use ElasticSearch, I ll have to setup a dedicated server … or rather a dedicated cluster at least two as it is recommended.

We also want to setup a Nuxeo cluster. That implies to have a separate Postgresql instance as well as a Redis server.

Finally, a reverse proxy will be in front of the Nuxeo nodes (I m not talking about Shibboleth SP and WAYF).

Supposing we have only two nodes, eg : one for GUI and one for Nuxeo Drive and Redis jobs). If we follow the rule one service means one server, we will have to setup at least 7 servers. That seems quite a lot.

So what services could be installed on the same server so that our cluster is a bit lighter


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